What We Do


NPOKI is a collaboration of international health organizations, funders, partners, and in-country nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Our members are at the forefront of providing access to safe and affordable health services globally, including a focused response to the spread of HIV/AIDS. Founded in 2005, NPOKI focuses on a variety of projects and communities of practice with an emphasis on performance management. We provide information management and support systems that can track the performance of large numbers of projects in a variety of countries against strategic goals, align financial investment with results, and allow NGOs to collect, analyze and share information across program, departmental, institutional and geographical boundaries.


NPOKI is a trusted catalyst for international health organizations; advancing their life-saving missions through collaboration, the application of proven practices, and the technical assistance needed to achieve those results. Our work is based on the three “C’s: Collaboration, Consulting, and Consumer Reviews.


NPOKI offers the global NGO community:

  • A comprehensive set of tools to manage complex health programs around the globe and to enable results-based decision-making
  • Opportunities to collaborate and share effective practices using emerging technologies
  • Technical assistance for systems integration, project management, and custom solutions


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