Become a Member


NPOKI values a collaborative association that provides members with a safe environment to share experiences, solutions, and questions. This approach includes and invites all member participation. In return, all members benefit from the results – proven performance management tools and solutions. NPOKI then harnesses the resources of the members, and negotiates with partners to cost effectively build those tools and enable those solutions.

Voluntary organizations whose primary focus is international health qualify for membership.

Benefits of Membership

Membership in NPOKI offers additional benefits/advantages such as:

  • Sharing knowledge by evaluating and reporting on existing, new and emerging technologies for use in global health projects
  • Advocating within member organizations (inform management, other departments, and maintain momentum for complex technology projects)
  • Answering members’ technology questions
  • Providing technical assistance for systems integration and custom solutions
  • Aggregating knowledge and experience in proven performance management solutions
  • Forming partnerships  with organizations that support performance management solutions
  • NPOKI projects such as MERIT and Sharing Business Practices are freely available to all members

NPOKI’s strength as an organization is based on the belief that with better performance management and targeted decision support tools, global health organizations can capture the information needed to improve the well-being of the people and communities with whom they work.

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