NPOKI: Important Announcement – January 2018

In January 2005, NPOKI was founded to solve a need experienced by several nonprofit international health organizations – that the private sector had not provided affordable, development impact tracking and management tools. The NGO sector needed solutions that would:

  • provide affordable information management and support systems for tracking the performance of large numbers of projects in a variety of countries against strategic goals,
  • align financial investment with results, and
  • allow NGOs to collect, analyze and share information across program, departmental, institutional and geographical boundaries.

At that time, no off-the shelf software solution existed. Many organizations resorted to building their own custom applications. Since the need was similar across organizations, projects and donors, we, as a community, were using our limited resources to reinvent the wheel.

Under a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, NPOKI was created to act as “…a trusted catalyst for international health organizations; advancing their life-saving missions through collaboration, the application of proven practices, and the technical assistance needed to achieve those results.” We based our work on the three Cs:  Collaboration, Consulting, and Consumer Reviews.

The original group of eleven international health organizations grew to a network of more than 40 members and partners. Our programmatic work included webinars, conferences, digital communities, organizational assessments and software development. And we continued to look for and prototype that shared impact management system that first brought us together.

In 2016, we began an internal discussion as to whether we had met our mission. With more than a decade of experience assessing NGO information needs, prototyping collaborative impact management systems like MERIT, driving the conversation toward shared development performance metrics like the WHO’s HDMX-SD, we began to work with and promote DHIS2, an open source software platform that enables governments and organizations to collect, manage and analyze data. We liaised with the University of Oslo to foster its adoption by members, and worked with partners to share case studies, appropriate resources, and best practices/lessons learned. We watched as our members rallied around this solution and created a robust digital community to ensure current success and future development.

With this context in 2018, NPOKI has achieved its mission:

  • Identify, support, and promote a robust information management system for the international nonprofit sector.
  • Bring together international organizations to share best practices/lessons learned around the management of information, especially in low resource areas.
  • Provide technical assistance for systems integration, strategic planning, and project management.
  • Help organizations to avoid reinventing the wheel.


Beginning in January 2018, NPOKI will close its doors and dissolve its 501c3 nonprofit organization. A majority of our programmatic work will merge with our longtime partner, Humentum (formerly InsideNGO). Under the supervision of Peter Sargent (Director, Consultancy & Client Services) and Marie McNamee (Director, Program & Member Services), Humentum will expand several of its important resources for its members reflecting NPOKI capacity:

  • ICT/Knowledge Management (KM) Consulting
  • ICT Resources
  • ICT Webinars & Discussions
  • ICT In-House Training

Many of our current NPOKI staff will serve as Senior Consultants under the expanded Humentum Client Services Division, and Humentum will continue to host our webinars, trainings, and digital communities. Our intellectual property will be integrated into Humentum’s program offerings, where it can be accessed and used by a much larger body of more than 50,000 staff working in 300 NGOs across the world.

I want to thank Daniel Messer, CIO at PSI and current board chairman, who co-founded NPOKI and nurtured it over the last 12 years. I also want to thank Surya Sayed-Ganguly, our board vice-chair and MK Cope, our Director of Business Development, who have worked tirelessly in support of our NPOKI mission. And I especially want to thank our members, partners, funders, staff, board of directors, and supporters. All of you have helped to move our community into the 21st century, where technology enables more rapid access to information, effective borderless teams, innovative solutions for programmatic challenges and ultimately higher development impact at a time of intense need and constrained resources. It’s been an exciting journey that’s been both eventful and enriching. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of that experience.

William (Bill) Lester
NPOKI Executive Director