NPOKI manages several projects designed to improve performance management and knowledge sharing. All initiatives are based on member requests and the final products are freely available to members.

NPOKI Methodology

NPOKI taps into the cumulative experiences of its staff and members to identify best practices and lessons learned. It values a collaborative association that provides members with a safe environment to share experiences, solutions, and questions. This approach promotes participation by all of our members. In return, all members benefit from the results – proven performance management tools and solutions. NPOKI harnesses the resources of the members and negotiates with partners to cost effectively build tools and solutions.

NPOKI has institutionalized a process that helps members reduce the cost of buying/building new performance management tools by sharing relevant intellectual property under a creative commons license.

NPOKI’s Proof of Concept framework provides rapid roll out of pilot projects (3 to 9 months). This process can facilitate decision making by providing a tangible product that shows functionality, process, integration, user interface, output, etc. It enables stakeholders and decision makers to better imagine how widgets will work, without committing a lot of time, money, and resources to the project.