MERIT included in breakthrough report

Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement and Social ImpactThe William and Flora Hewlett Foundation sponsored a report by FSG Social Impact Advisors entitled Breakthroughs in Shared Measurement & Social Impact.  This report, published July 2009, explores 20 independent efforts among nonprofit organizations to develop shared approaches to performance, outcome, or impact measurement across multiple organizations.  The report recognizes that “these nascent efforts foreshadow profound changes in the vision and effectiveness of the entire nonprofit sector.

MERIT, NPOKI’s Monitoring, Evaluating, Reporting and Integration Tool, is featured in the report. To download the report, click here (5MB PDF).

“FSG Social Impact Advisors, with generous support from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, interviewed dozens of practitioners and thought leaders in the social sector to identify innovative shared approaches to performance, outcome, and impact measurement. The resulting reports share key findings from this research, as well as detailed case studies and additional resources to promote further learning and discussion on this topic.”

MERIT 2.0 Requirements Document

MERIT 2.0NPOKI is pleased to announce the completion of MERIT 2.0 business requirements document.  The Monitoring, Evaluating, Integrating and Reporting Tool (MERIT) is NPOKI’s web-based results management system. The requirements were shaped by the NPOKI collaborative metholdolgy that includes extensive cooperation from members, partners and in-country NGOs; through NPOKI user studies, focus groups and user interface workshops; and in depth research.

NPOKI is actively seeking partnerships to develop MERIT 2.0.

NPOKI greatly appreciates members’ support, ideas and leads as we explore options to speedily deliver this M&E system into the hands of NPOKI members and in-country program staff in low-resource areas. Remember that MERIT is freely available to NPOKI members!  A draft product overview brochure is available to download.