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NPOKI Consulting helps the international development community achieve greater, measurable impact by providing peer-reviewed knowledge tools, strategies, and solutions. We are software agnostic, and we thrive at the edge of the network.

Knowledge Solutions for International Development​

Our Services

Our Services

We offer a portfolio of assessment, design, optimization, and advisory services that range from strategy through execution.

Process Analysis

Complex operating environments often lead to complex processes at international development organizations. We can help you map your process, compare to NGO peers and best practice, apply development-industry standards, and recommend key changes toward a smoother business process appropriate for your global environment. We strive to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Data Systems

As data has become the lifeblood of international development, the systems that collect, secure, transport, analyze, visualize, and publish insights from data, have become critical. We provide data systems analysis, peer benchmarks, and recommendations for the transformational use of data across your entire organization. We are not, and have never been, affiliated with a systems vendor.

Information Audit

Organizational change requires comprehensive understanding of existing information systems and workflows. The Information Audit identifies where information lives, how users get that information, and how the information is used. The audit highlights information gaps, bottlenecks, and redundancies, and provides recommendations for better information flow and increased internal knowledge.

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Ready to find out more?

NPOKI offers a wide range of consulting services to the international development community. Delivered by a team of professionals with a combined 100+ years of international development experience, our unique solutions deliver lasting, measurable change.


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