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Monitoring & Evaluation (MERL)

Benefits of Monitoring & Evaluation (MERL)

If your organization is starting a project or program, Monitoring & Evaluation (MERL) is a process that should be implemented. This process involves collecting and analyzing data to determine if the project, or program, has attained its goals. By implementing a monitoring & evaluation (MERL) system, your organization will be able to catch problems early in the project, ensure resources are used efficiently, improve decision making and stay organized. It can also help encourage diversity of thoughts and opinions, and encourage innovation. 


Whether it’s an organization, government agency or small business, every organization can benefit from a monitoring & evaluation (MERL) system. 


If you would like to see how MERL can benefit your organization, reach out to NPOKI Consulting LLC. Here at NPOKI Consulting LLC, we examine all elements necessary to help your organization upgrade its current system or implement a new system. We can help with everything from information audit, helping you choose a MERL system solution to helping you implement the system. 


Contact us to learn more!

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