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NPOKI Consulting LLC traces its roots to the NonProfit Organizations Knowledge Initiative (NPOKI) - a 501(c)3 collaboration of international health organizations, funders, partners, and in-country non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Founded in 2005 with support from the Packard Foundation, NPOKI focused on a variety of projects and communities of practice with an emphasis on performance management best practices. In 2018, NPOKI merged with Humentum, formerly InsideNGO. 

The former NPOKI's principals continued their work through the formation of NPOKI Consulting LLC. NPOKI Consulting LLC works with global and domestic development organizations across a broad roster of analysis and strategy needs. We have worked with over 25 development organizations, with teams based in the US and globally. Joining us in this work are a number of highly experienced consultants who specialize in key areas of management that integrate with or support international development; e.g. financial management, human resources, strategic development, communications, and knowledge management. We are passionate about equity, collaboration, always try to avoid reinventing the wheel, and advocate for the use of data for decision-making in the international development space.

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