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Spices in Moroccan Market

Why Choose

NPOKI Consulting?

01. The NPOKI Difference

The majority of NPOKI clients are international NGOs, with headquarters in the US, UK, or Europe, and offices in Asia, Africa, or Latin America. The unique challenges faced by these organizations include:

• Measuring True Impact

• Addressing Capacity

• Identifying The Right Local Partners

• Reducing Distance Barriers

• Finding The Right People

• Celebrating Differences

• Discerning Core And Context

• Engaging High-Capacity Community Leaders

• Knowing And Respecting Local Culture

• Making Dynamics Work Better*

Many consulting companies are unfamiliar with the difficulties inherent in working in the developing world and provide solutions that are inappropriate for the environment/culture or fail to address the core needs of the organization. Our consultants have lived and worked in almost every developing country. We thrive at the edge of the network!

*Forbes, 10 Challenges Of Being A Global Nonprofit, 3/10/20

02. How We Work

Our approach is collaborative, addressing both the needs of the stakeholders and those impacted by the solution or change. We use our Information Audit as a critical tool for honest input and a robust Change Management strategy to ensure buy-in. Our extensive relationships with partner/sister NGOs allow us to verify that our solutions are appropriate for the size of the organization and the environment in which it works.

03.Where We Work

Our work has taken us to six continents and provided opportunities to work in over one hundred countries. Additionally, we have combined decades of living in multiple countries as well as traveling for work across the globe. We work in several languages, and our associate consultants add even more linguistic flexibility. Whether in Spanish or in Zulu, we are fluent in the language of information, and work with our partners and clients to extend the management of knowledge across multiple sectors and multiple disciplines. 

04. Why We Work

A big part of our culture and overall approach is driven by the fact that we care for the work we do, where we work, and for whom we work. We are proud of our clients and strive to provide them the greatest successes possible. The NPOKI Way means we work hard because we believe in the value and impact of your work.

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