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Project Management

Many organizations need a resource to help them manage a sizeable project - often the implementation of a new system or opening a new program or office. More than just a helping hand, the international NGO needs someone with expertise and experience in the area of focus and in the best practices of Project Management appropriate for international NGOs with country offices.


Usually, that role/responsibility comes from within the organization. But often, that person may not have the time to step away from the primary role to act as a full-time project manager for what may be an extended period of time. And furthermore, it is unusual for that person to have the experience or skills to lead a costly project - with sub-projects and external partners - whose success is critical to the organization.


All NPOKI Consultants are certified project managers (PMI and PMD Pro). Each has a specific area(s) of expertise, and all have worked at the C-level or higher at medium/large international nonprofit organizations. In addition, some of our staff have lived in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and all have worked with country office staff in areas of both operations and programs. Finally, and most importantly, all have successfully project managed large, complicated, long-term projects.


Whether you are:

  • implementing a new ERP Finance System

  • opening (or closing) a country or satellite office with very little time

  • migrating a paper-based system - like Case Management - to a web-based or mobile solution

we have a project manager who can help you! We are ready-to-go on day one, dedicated to your project, and can act as your trusted representative in working with staff, vendors, funders, external partners, and government organizations. NPOKI brings the best project management skills and values to your organization and helps you deliver your project on time and on budget.

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