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International Development

Let Our International Nonprofit Consulting Firm Aid You in Your International Development Efforts

Did you know that 700 million people (10% of the world’s population) live in extreme poverty? Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life free from poverty. But, ending poverty is no easy feat. In order to end poverty, there must be strategies to also improve health and education, diminish inequality, and to propel economic growth. There are many governments, civil society organizations, and private sectors involved that are focused on connecting with regions that are economically at a disadvantage to help empower the people and improve their situation.


Through the pursuit of international development, there is amazing progress being made. Since 1990, 1 billion people have been lifted out of poverty. And progress steadily continues in major areas that contribute to the well-being and quality of life around the world, such as in health and education. But, while progress is being made, the world still has significant challenges ahead, which include challenges in climate change and social inequality. To be able to tackle current and upcoming challenges, effective international development programs must be in place.


And that is why we are here. Here at NPOKI Consulting LLC, we provide international nonprofit consulting to organizations around the world. We work with global and domestic development organizations across a broad roster of analysis and strategy needs. Our international nonprofit consulting services can help you in areas, such as human resources, financial management, strategic development, communications, and more. Our highly experienced consultants can bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to your organization so that you can do your part in helping communities around the world to end poverty, discrimination, and injustice for all.


While progress is being made, international development efforts are still in need of assistance. Let our international nonprofit consulting firm aid you in those efforts.

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