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Information Audit

Information Audit For Your Organization

For international NGOs, information is a strategic asset. Information assets help organizations to meet their organizational objectives. Without effective tools and strategies for managing information, it becomes difficult for an organization to make effective use of these information assets to meets those objectives.


An information audit (IA) is a widely-utilized tool that can be used to identify information assets and manage information risk. Whether your focus is on knowledge management, financial strengthening, operational excellence, or programmatic effectiveness, an information audit can provide you with the methodology for documenting how information currently flows through your organization, and where those processes can be improved.


If you are finding that your organization needs a holistic examination of your information assets and a better understanding of how to organize, disseminate, and protect those assets, give us a call. At NPOKI Consulting LLC, we can do everything from performing high-level documentation and analysis of current relevant data collection processes and systems, evaluate the need for an improved or different system/solution to creating a business case for a new/improved data collection/case management system - and much more!

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