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Clinic Management/Patient Records Systems

NPOKI Consulting LLC and its independent consultants have worked in the NGO Health Sector for many years, providing system solutions and implementations for health NGOs and their health facilities. These systems support the full operational functions of a medical facility (clinic or hospital) and provide the MEL data needed for effective management and reporting.


Health Medical Information Systems

  • Patient Records

  • Hospital Management

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Staff Scheduling and Time Reporting


Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Systems

  • Aggregate Data, including routine health facility data, staffing, equipment, infrastructure, population estimates, etc.

  • Event Data, including disease outbreaks, survey/audit data, patient satisfaction surveys, etc.

  • Individual Data, including vaccination records, lab sample collection and testing, patient treatment and follow-up, student progress, etc.

  • Reporting to Senior Leadership, Board, Funders, Government


The requirements for supporting health facilities in low resource areas are specific and unique. NPOKI works with international health organizations to identify and implement solutions that best fit their needs. We thrive at the edge of the network.

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