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Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management software often has several uses within an organization.  iNGOs may use a CRM as a central database to manage specific buckets of information, like contacts, donors, grants and contracts, staff, events, statistical data, finance, mail campaigns, marketing, etc. Sometimes a CRM can be a back-end data storage warehouse for front-end applications like Finance Systems, Monitoring & Evaluation Systems, Clinic Management and Patient Records Systems, and Knowledge Management Systems. And sometimes, CRMs can be the conduit that joins third-party data collection software, allowing the data to flow from one system to another. In that situation, the CRM is being used as an API (Application Programming Interface).


Most organizations invest in an enterprise database system as part of a specific initiative, like marketing or grant management. However, once that project has been successfully implemented, the CRM becomes a “utility tool” helpful to the iNGO in many data management solutions. That is why investment in a quality CRM appropriate for the organization is so critical.


NPOKI Consulting works exclusively with international nonprofit organizations to help them


  • analyze their need for a CRM

  • identify software solutions and vendors appropriate for the countries where they operate

  • help them with the project management oversight necessary to implement a successful enterprise system.


One area in which NPOKI has a great deal of experience is in the management of health data - collection, aggregation, analysis, and reporting of sensitive information used to manage projects and programs, identify trends and needs, and providing the report information necessary for funders, for national health programs and for the general public. In addition, understanding the relationship between MERL systems and CRM systems and providing the strategy, the design, and the support for the successful implementation of a hybrid solution, operating globally, requires the unique knowledge and skills for which NPOKI is well-known and respected.

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